Sustainable Steel Manufacturing

Program D: Sustainable Steel Manufacturing

This program will transform Australia’s competitiveness in iron and steelmaking, with attention to both economic and environmental sustainability. There will be two projects: Economic sustainability through enhanced productivity and flexibility of raw material usage in steelmaking, and Environmental sustainability through lower greenhouse gas emissions and greater recycling of plant waste.

Program Leader (Academic)

Prof Brian MonaghanAustralian Steel Research Hub | Brian Monaghan

Associate Professor Brian Monaghan has been an active lecturer and researcher in materials engineering at the University of Wollongong (UOW) for more than 10 years. He is a pyrometallurgist who believes passionately that if the sustainability, energy, and greenhouse gas challenges currently facing the planet are to be addressed, we need strong engagement from the engineering and scientific communities. A/Prof Monaghan’s expertise lies in the kinetics and thermodynamics of high temperature metals processing and he is the Director of the Engineering Materials Strength at UOW as well as leader of the UOW PYRO Group.



Program Leader (Industry)

Dr Sheng ChewAustralian Steel Research Hub | Sheng Chew

Dr Sheng Chew is a Principal Research Engineer in BlueScope Technology and Planning. He has technical and business postgraduate qualifications and over 20 years’ experience in the steel industry covering the primary operations value chain from raw materials through to secondary steelmaking. Throughout this time and continuing under the Hub, he has supported and participated in collaborative University research.

Chief Investigators

Prof Ian CameronAustralian Steel Research Hub | Ian Cameron

Prof Geoffrey EvansAustralian Steel Research Hub | Geoff Evans

Geoffrey Evans received his PhD from The University of Newcastle, Australia in 1990; and in 2003 became a Full Professor. Professor Evans has been involved in multiphase processes research for many years. His main activities include interphase interactions impacting especially on mass and momentum transfer at the interface for both single and multi-particle systems. The outcomes of the research have been applied to a number of particle technology applications, including mineral flotation, fluidised bed reactors, and metallurgical and petroleum processing.

Dr Guangqing ZhangAustralian Steel Research Hub | Guangqing Zhang

Dr Zongyan ZhouAustralian Steel Research Hub | Zongyan Zhou BW

Dr. Zongyan Zhou received his BEng (1996) and MEng (2000) from Northeastern University (China), and PhD (2007) from UNSW Australia. Then he was an Australian Postdoctoral Fellow Industry (2007-2010), then lecturer (2011- ) in the School of Material Science and Engineering, UNSW. His research expertise related to the Hub include transport phenomena in process metallurgy, blast furnace burden distribution and multiphase flow and heat transfer modelling, and granular dynamics.

Partner Investigators

Dr David Pinson

PhD Candidates

Deside ChibweAustralian Steel Research Hub | Guangqing Zhang

Greg Siemon

Greg Siemon is currently undertaking a Steel Research Hub sponsored PhD, hosted by the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland. His topic is Enterprise-Wide Optimisation. Enterprise-Wide Optimization (EWO) is a new emerging area that lies at the interface of chemical engineering and operations research, and has become a major goal in the process industries due to the increasing pressures for remaining competitive in the global marketplace. EWO involves optimizing the operations of R&D, supply, manufacturing and distribution of a company to reduce costs and inventories. A major focus in EWO is the optimal operation of manufacturing facilities, which often requires the use of nonlinear process models. Major operational items include planning, scheduling, real-time optimization and inventory control. One of the key features in EWO is integration of the information and decision-making among the various functions that comprise the supply chain of the company.  Within his PhD Greg will be working with Bluescope to improve the operation of their steel smelter at Port Kembla, in the Illawarra. The Coal Seam Gas industry in Central Queensland is another potential area for investigation.

Last reviewed: 8 September, 2016