Research Leaders

Research Leaders

Australian Steel Research Hub | Brian Monaghan

Professor Brian Monaghan | Program d Leader (Academic) 

Professor Brian Monaghan has been an active lecturer and researcher in materials engineering at the University of Wollongong (UOW) for more than 10 years. He is a pyrometallurgist who believes passionately that if the sustainability, energy, and greenhouse gas challenges currently facing the planet are to be addressed, we need strong engagement from the engineering and scientific communities. Prof Monaghan’s expertise lies in the kinetics and thermodynamics of high temperature metals processing and he is the Director of the Engineering Materials Strength at UOW as well as leader of the UOW PYRO Group.

Within the Steel Research Hub (SRH), Prof Monaghan is a member of the Research Management Committee, providing leadership to the Sustainable Steel Manufacturing Program, as well as being actively involved in several projects, including:

  • Obtaining Value from Steel Plant Waste  
  • The effect of Ti on the kinetics of phosphorous removal during BOS steelmaking
  • Inclusion growth/agglomeration in the tundish Prof Monaghan is also involved in a number of other external funded research projects.

These include:

  • The Effects of Minerals on Coke Structure  
  • The Kinetics of Coke Analogue Reactivity
  • A Coke Analogue to Examine the Effect of Mineralogy on Coke Reactivity
  • Self-Ignition Temperature of BOS Filter Cake
  • Desiliconisation in the BOS
  • Inclusion morphology in liquid steel processing
  • Dissolution kinetics and interfacial phenomena of inclusions in liquid slags
Last reviewed: 8 October, 2015