Mr Yinxuan Qiu 

Mr. Yinxuan Qiu is a PhD in the Chemical Engineering Department, Monash University. Currently, his project is the development of a fundamental particle scale approach to modeling blast furnace charging phenomena. His research focuses on the granular system in the upper part of the blast furnace, seeks to revel the principals of the burden distribution. His research interest mainly involves using CFD and DEM modeling method to describe the particle behavior and coupled fluid flow in the blast furnace.

Before joining the Steel Research Hub in 2017, Yinxuan Qiu worked in a variety of interesting areas in chemical engineering field. He received his bachelor degree both in chemical engineering and petroleum engineering in China University of Petroleum (Beijing), and then got a master degree in metallurgy in National Engineering Laboratory for Biohydrometallurgy, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (China).