Mr Mark Eckermann

Mark Eckermann is the Product Innovation Manager at BlueScope. He leads the breakthrough innovation team that operates across a wide range of technologies from fundamental steelmaking metallurgy to building-integrated photo-voltaic. He studied at the University of Wollongong graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Engineering. A wide range of positions in 21 years with BHP and now BlueScope Steel including production quality investigations and projects, website design and build, marketing, strategy, direct customer sales and indirect customer business development.

Mr Eckermann has a broad understanding of a wide range of technologies, combined with firsthand experience in the numerous, complex, transformative supply chains that convert BlueScope bulk steel products into building or manufactured products, ready for use. He is also well experienced in the extensive ecosystems that surround building and construction in Australia – regulations, different contributors to a successful construction project, intricate inter-relationships between building process and construction processes.