Dr Sina Jamali

Dr Sina Jamali obtained his PhD at the University of Wollongong (Australia). His main interests are the application of electrochemical techniques for non-destructive assessment at the surface and interface of materials. He also takes an interest in organic and inorganic protective coatings, development and characterization.

Within the Steel Research Hub, he is working as a research fellow to develop protective coatings for active metal coatings. He is also academic project leader on a project which aims to use an effective analytical tool for developing antifungal coatings based on scanning electrochemical microscopy.

His research background brings a combination of skills in electrochemical assessment for corrosion studies as well as developing organic coatings for active metal such as magnesium alloys that is particularly relevant to the Steel Research Hub research activity. He is actively involved in supervision of Higher Degree Research and honours thesis candidates (working on Hub projects) as well as co-supervising Surface Engineering laboratory and teaching Surface Engineering subjects. Through these activities, he hopes to be able to make a positive impact and develop a long lasting relationship with Hub and its industry partners.