Dr Nicole Pianegonda

Dr Nicole Pianegonda is a Microbial Specialist and Paint Coatings Developer and Analyst at BlueScope.

She currently works at BlueScope’s Innovation Labs focusing on the development and assessment of antifungal coatings. Almost 11 years ago, she started working for BlueScope as a Chemistry Cadet while studying a Bachelor of Science Adv. (Chemistry) at UOW. After completing an undergraduate research project and Honours thesis focusing on the identification of micro-organisms using mass spectrometry, she started a PhD in 2013 in the School of Chemistry at the University of Wollongong.

This PhD, which was eventually entitled, ‘Characterisation of Microbial Colonies on COLORBOND® Steel Substrates’, forms the basis of our understanding of fungal manifestation and proliferation on COLORBOND® Steel Substrates. This is an area of significant interest in the Steel Research Hub.