Dr Habib Zughbi

Dr Habib Zughbi is a Senior Technology and Development Engineer in Iron & Steelmaking Technology, BlueScope. Habib studied Chemical Engineering at UNSW (BE and PhD).

His Interests include; Industrial applications of numerical and experimental transport phenomena (fluid flow, heat and mass transfer), Computational Fluid Dynamics applications to single and multi-phase flows in order to optimise operation, debottleneck and re-design of various equipment and plants, use of models to monitor assets conditions and life, Integrated process flow sheeting and modelling aimed at optimising energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions across Port Kembla Steelworks (PKSW), Re-cycling of by-products streams at PKSW including various Zn bearing streams such as blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace filter cake and other environment related activities.

Dr Zughbi projects in the Steel Research Hub directly relate to the above interests, namely environment, optimisation of energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions and emission and distribution of trace elements. He is also involved to a lesser degree in re-cycling related projects.