Dr David Pinson

Dr David Pinson is a Senior Technology and Development Engineer, Iron & Steelmaking Technology at BlueScope. He received his PhD from the University of NSW in 1999 and was a postdoctoral fellow before joining BHP Steel in 2003.

He has maintained active research links with the academic community throughout his industrial career. Now working in a plant technology role, his ongoing research interests include particle transport phenomena and modelling, multiphase flow and heat transfer, signal analysis, blast furnace and iron ore sintering fundamentals, as well as the increasing importance of energy efficiency and by-products reprocessing. Dr David Pinson has extensive experience managing collaborative industrial research projects, especially where undergraduate and postgraduate students work for some or all of their time in an industrial environment. This experience has shown the value of targeted industrial-academic combined projects and is well aligned to the overall goals of the industrial transformation hubs program.

Within the Steel Research Hub, he hopes that the longer term stability of funding allows a succussion of high value projects to deliver tangible industrial process improvements which can improve the Australian steelmaking sector’s economic and environmental sustainability.