Dr Alan Green

Dr Alan Green is a researcher at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, University of Wollongong. He undertook a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Hons I degree while working as an Engineering Cadet at BlueScope Steel, and has since undertaken a PhD with research on water spray systems to protect buildings from bushfires. He has held research and engineering roles at the SBRC since 2013.

Alan has a keen interest in fluid dynamics, which has given him the opportunity to work alongside researchers in the Netherlands, UK, USA and Portugal. Much of his work has focused on the design of experiments and equipment for studies of wind, heat transfer, and multi-phase flows, as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation techniques.

Alan is contributing to the steel hub research on building facades designed to adapt to suit environmental conditions. This work involves mathematical modelling and full-scale experiments of these façade systems. The research will develop and evaluate new façade designs.