Dr Abhishek Saxena

Dr. Abhishek Saxena is a Research Scientist and Passivation and Resin Specialist at BlueScope. He is currently involved in development of next generation Passivation and Resin technologies for ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel, GALVASPAN® steel and DECKFORM® steel at BlueScope Innovation Laboratories.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, a Master of Engineering from School of Physics and Materials Engineering at Monash University, and a Ph. D. from Faculty of Engineering at Monash University. His specializes in electrochemical analysis and corrosion prevention using chemical treatments, conversion coatings, laser-assisted surface modification, and silanes for magnesium alloys. Abhishek’s research interests include Cr-free chemical treatments for industrial applications, organo-silane coatings for adhesion and corrosion resistance, corrosion prevention technologies metal-coated steel, thin film coatings, and advanced surface characterization techniques.

Dr. Abhishek Saxena brings a combination of experience of corrosion prevention technologies and assessment methods from coatings research, and a perspective of industrial processes, applications and limitations to the Steel Research Hub projects on Surface Engineering with a focus on structure and development of surface oxides on metal coatings, surface treatments, corrosion mechanisms and prevention. Abhishek wishes to develop a fundamental understanding of the role of native and modified surface oxides on the subsequent chemical treatments and coatings, and their cumulative role in corrosion resistance and associated corrosion and prevention mechanisms, along with a commercially successful solution to Next Generation ZINCALUME® steel, and mentoring the next generation of researchers.