Hot Rolled Products

Project B1.1: Improved abrasion resistant Q&T plate steels

Using advanced microalloying and microstructural engineering strategies, we aim to improve the performance of abrasion resistant Quench & Tempered plate steels for various applications including in the minerals industry, offering enhanced wear resistance over conventional alloying approaches.

Team: Elena Pereloma, Chris Killmore, Dake Yu, Andrii Kostryzhev

Project B1.2: Very High Strength Steel Strip Products

The research covers new candidate steel designs for a strip grade which achieves high yield strengths, be readily welded and offer competitive formability to similar products in the structural, transport and mobile equipment markets. With a less complex, lower cost and more capable processing path, such an attractive product could offer the potential to extend the thickness range of very high strength steel products to lower thicknesses, over that available from conventional Q&T grades.

Team: Elena Pereloma, Chris Killmore, Andrii Kostryzhev, Navjeet Singh

Project B1.3: The behaviour of advanced Q&T steels during arc welding and thermal cutting

This project aims to optimise welding parameters for fabrication of newly developed Q&T steels, including selection of welding consumables, particularly where there is a requirement to match the parent material properties (hardness, strength, etc) which is challenging for some Q&T steels. Welding thick Q&T steel sections often leads to increased susceptibility to hydrogen assisted cold cracking. Proper control of inter-pass temperature and application of post-weld heat treatment will also be investigated in this research.

Team: Huijin Li, Chris Killmore, Dake Yu, Muhammad Rizwan