Building Products

Project B2.1: Development of Prototype, Steel-Intensive, Mid-Rise Residential Building Designs

It is widely recognised that increasing urbanisation of our cities will shift housing stock from predominantly detached dwellings to higher density apartments, in both greenfield and brownfield locations where traditionally concrete/masonry rather than steel has been used. Sitting alongside this housing transformation are significant cultural, economic, market and environmental changes to traditional habitation. Our multidisciplinary team’s overarching goal is to develop a new construction system to suit Australian conditions, and to evaluate existing systems and products, so as to incorporate world’s best practice in cold-formed steel (CFS) residential building systems so as to maximise CFS use in mid-rise apartment buildings. The team is using integrative tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to manage essential building design and project data in a digital format across the building’s life-cycle.

Team: Lloyd Niccol, Tim McCarthy,Paul Cooper, Lip Teh, Mark Eckermann, Trevor Clayton, Scott Beazley,Emma Heffernan, Nick Franklin, Tillman Boehme, Alberto Escribano, Michael Bradburn, Dale Clark

Project B2.2: Innovative Cladding and Ventilation Solutions for Mid-Rise Residential Buildings

Moving towards higher density, urban apartment living and evaluating the potential benefits that cold-formed steel could bring to this segment of the construction market, requires solutions that maximise functionality of available buildings surfaces and deal particularly with indoor environment quality (IEQ) issues such as air quality, lighting and thermal performance, acoustic abatement and privacy. This work focuses on the development of advanced, multifunctional steel-intensive wall cladding systems and products which optimise both IEQ and energy usage using both passive and active systems. This program also supports B2.1 through the in-depth analysis of the thermal and IEQ performance of apartment buildings, both conventional concrete-framed buildings and innovative CFS designs.

Team: Paul Cooper, Lloyd Niccol, Mark Eckermann, Zhenjun Ma, Georgios Kokogiannakis, Jamie Adams, Trevor Clayton, Michael Bradburn, Mohammed Sohel, Steven Beltrame

Project B2.3: Analysis and Design for Modern Bolted Connection in Residential Cold Formed Steel Construction

Innovative, cold-formed steel (CFS) building products are required to facilitate rapid construction of mid-rise apartment buildings and to ensure structural robustness, efficiency and functionality of the new mid-rise apartment building archetype proposed. Various aspects of the CFS construction system will initially be evaluated to allow focus on those areas with significant potential for unlocking the advantages of CFS, including framing and flooring systems, composite structures and connections. The cost competitiveness and manufacturability of the new section/system will be verified.

Team: Lip Teh,Trevor Clayton, John Kralic, Mark Eckermann, Aziz Ahmed, Refat Ahmed

Project B2.4: Mid-Rise Residential cold-formed steel Technical Design Guide & Information Delivery Manual (IDM)

This project builds on outcomes from all mid-rise apartment building activities, and involves the development of a cold-formed steel (CFS) technical design guide as well as an information delivery manual (IDM) for CFS software interoperability. For the former, qualitative research will assist in validating the contents of the design guide whilst for the latter, EnduroCADD software will be used to develop and test the IDM.

Team: Tim McCarthy, Paul Jones, Mark Eckermann, Sylvia Weber, Jojo Jose, Lloyd Niccol, Scott Beazley, Emma Heffernan, Aziz Ahmed