Market Focussed Product Innovations

This program will optimise the market interface to clearly define end-user need; thereby ensuring product developments are market-driven. This will be achieved through enhanced customer engagement in both the development of ideas and subsequent product development. In this way, the resources and research capacity of the Steel Research Hub will become available to a broader range of Australian SMEs. Product development initiatives will lead to improved high strength hot rolled products, coated products for resilient Australian buildings, and surface engineering of coatings.

The hot rolled product projects will focus on the development of very high strength steel for structural, transport and mobile equipment applications and improved abrasion resistant Q&T plate steels; the building projects will focus on building design, building systems structural systems and energy systems; and the anti-fungal and coatings projects will focus on antifungal coatings for painted steel surfaces.

Program Leader (Academic): Paul Cooper
Program Leader (Industry): Mark Eckermann

Hot rolled products

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Building products

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Anti-fungal and coatings

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