Managing Innovation in the Steel Industry

Program A: Managing Innovation in the Australian Steel Industry

This program is an overarching program of research investigating innovation management and strategy in the steel value chain. Research will focus on elucidating and reducing the risks to successful commercialisation of key process and product innovations. This will be achieved by carefully mapping the patterns of co-innovation, co-creation of value and adoption dependencies, and identifying and eliminating the systematic risks in the innovation and commercialisation processes.

Program Leader (Academic)

Australian Steel Research Hub | Tim Coltman
Professor Tim Coltman 

Program Leader (Industry)

Dr David NolanAustralian Steel Research Hub | David Nolan

Dave is a materials engineer with more than 25 years of experience in materials research, as both an industry and academic researcher and research manager. He has particular expertise in galvanizing processes and products, surface engineering and welding metallurgy. His research is widely published in both peer-reviewed journals and international conferences, and he has wide-ranging experience in leading collaborative projects between industry, and government and academic institutions. Dr Nolan is now Open Innovation Manager at Bluescope Ltd and Principal Research Fellow at the University of Wollongong, providing strategic research leadership in the area of coated steel and building product innovation.

Partner Investigator

Australian Steel Research Hub | David NolanTony Dixon
Last reviewed: 9 March, 2017