Surface Engineering

Project C3.1: Surface Treatment of Mg containing metallic coatings

In 2013, BlueScope commercialised a range of next generation coated steel products based on Al-Zn-Mg (AM) metallic coating technology. Long-term testing in both the laboratory and in ‘real world’ environments had demonstrated significant improvements in overall corrosion resistance of these AM products. This research will explore alternative surface treatment approaches to provide increased protection to coated steel product in the down-stream supply-chain as well as uniform weathering of metallic surface finish post installation.

Team: Yue Zhao, Joe Williams, Abhishek Saxena, Aaron Neufeld, Stewart Ford, Sina Jamali, Thomas Jurak, Jason Hodges

Project C3.2: Structure and development of surface oxides on Mg-containing galvanic coatings of metallic coated steel products

In this research, a fundamental understanding of structure, morphology and composition of surface oxides on the next generation Al-Zn-Mg (AM) metallic coating and their behaviours through subsequent surface treatment processes is to be explored. For this, high-resolution characterisation of thin surface layers approximately 10nm thick is required and as such, the development and application of these analytical techniques represents a very challenging task.

Team: Zhixin Chen, Joe Williams, David St John, Jason Hodges, Stewart Ford, Les Moore, Tom Schambron, Monika Wyszomirska, Gilberto Casillas-Garcia, Azdiar Gazder

Project C4.1: Anti-corrosion treatment of metallic coatings

Complementing Project C3.1, this research activity aims to identify, and develop a mechanistic understanding, of alternative anti-corrosion compounds to increase the effective corrosion resistance provided by the surface treatment for next generation Al-Zn-Mg (AM) metallic coatings.

Team: Nick Birbilis, Sebastian Thomas, Guilherme Sandar, Oumaima Gharbi