Dr Emma Heffernan explains how this project brought together a multi-disciplinary team to explore cold-formed steel (CFS) building systems for the mid-rise residential apartment sector in Australia. The team’s overarching goal was to develop and assess CFS construction systems that are suitable and compelling for use in Australia.


Dr Wenye Lin explains how this project focused on the development of advanced, multifunctional steel-intensive wall cladding systems and products which optimise both IEQ and energy usage using both passive and active systems.


Dr Aziz Ahmed explains how Innovative, cold-formed steel (CFS) building products are required to facilitate rapid construction of mid-rise apartment buildings and to ensure structural robustness, efficiency and functionality of the new mid-rise apartment building archetype proposed.


PhD candidate Refat Ahmed explains how the various aspects of the CFS construction system have been evaluated to directly focus on areas with significant potential for unlocking the advantages of CFS, including framing and flooring systems, composite structures and connections.


PhD candidate Ai Thi Diem Nguyen explains how her research will provide a fundamental understanding of the effects of retained slag practice on basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) refractory wear. While there has been much work carried out on the effects of BOS slag composition on carbon-bonded magnesia refractories, there has been little that has dealt with the specifics of retained slag practice on BOS refractory wear.


PhD candidate Huibin Li explains how his research aims to develop a fundamental understanding and capability to assess the effects of using different Australian iron ores on the melt characteristics of raw materials in the sinter blend, particularly in relation to temperature, basicity and gas composition.


Dr Ray Longbottom explains that realising economic value from steel plant by-products and maintaining a strong social and environmental perspective is an essential requirement of present day steelmaking. The focus of his research is on the sustainable recovery and utilisation of iron and flux units.


Dr Apsara Jayasekara and Dr Xuefeng Dong explain how their project addresses a key strategic issue faced by all steel producers and their raw materials suppliers, being the selection of a suite of raw materials, the properties of which optimize the performance of each specific blast furnace (BF), particularly in terms of productivity and overall operating cost.